Website Speed

Website Speed is becoming a more important ranking factor in the Google search rankings. Speed is also important for User Experience as well as the speed in indexing content on your website as the Google crawler crawls through your website. I work on 5 factors for SEO improvements and speed is one of them.

The Google Speed Test website is a good one to get an indication of the mobile and desktop speeds of your website. The tester shows the speed of the following and offers suggestions for improvements:

  • Reduce server response time
  • Reduce Image sizes
  • Minify CSS stylesheets & Javascripts
  • Leverage website browser caching

In the WordPress world there are some good 5 star Plugins that can help with reducing website speed. These are:

Point to note is there are many other Plugins out there and I have only recommended 5 star Plugins that I would use myself. You need to seek professional advice with which one to use for your situation. For non WordPress websites you should research your specific CMS Support and Forum websites for articles on improving website speed.

For more information on any of the WordPress Plugins please contact James Gatward from Startabiz or myself at Website Optimisers.