More on Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important areas in Digital Marketing to decide what keywords to focus your website or social media content on.

There are four main types of keywords to think about, branding keywords, transactional keywords,  informational keywords and questions.

Branded Keywords

These are the easiest to incorporate in your content as they are terms relating to your specific brand, such as ‘Mike Pero Huapai’ etc

Transactional Keywords

These are normally keywords that involve transactional searches by a potential customer. These are down the bottom of the sales funnel and the customer is ready to buy or contact you such as ‘water pump repairs Kumeu’.

Informational Keywords

These are keywords that are mainly used for searching for information on a specific topic such as ‘causes of hair loss’. These are usually best used for content relating to articles or blogs and are unlikely to ever lead to a sale or enquiry but show a level of knowledge on the subject.

Question or FAQ Keywords

These keywords are good for setting up an FAQ page with common questions that customers are likely to ask and ‘Google’ the term. The Google search engine is now set up for questions and if you create content on your website relating to a specific question and answer these are likely to be indexed as separate results in Google.

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