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google speed test

Website Speed

Website Speed is becoming a more important ranking factor in the Google search rankings. Speed is also important for User Experience as well as the speed in indexing content on your website as the Google crawler crawls through your website. I work on 5 factors for SEO improvements and speed is one of them. The…


3 google search engines

3 Google Search Engines

There are actually 3 instances of a Google search engine in each country, Google Desktop, Google Mobile and Google Maps. This creates an opportunity when ranking for keywords so you can work on rankings in all 3 search engines. In the spreadsheet screenshot attached you can see keywords on the left and in each column a…



Ranking Position in Google Checker

Apart from staring at a Google screen and searching through pages of search engine results to find your website page, ever wondered how you could do this easier? There is a free tool at a website called SERPS ( You specify the keyword you would like to check, the instance of the Google search engine…



Website Pages in Search Engine

Ever wondered how to find out what pages of your website are indexed in Google or BING. This is important so you can review your meta titles and descriptions and also see pages that are indexed that you don’t want indexed or pages that are missing. In both Google and BING you use the ‘site:’…



How Search Engines Work

A Search Engine is a glorified indexing tool used to index website content on the internet and uses automated robots, called “crawlers,” or “spiders” which can reach the many billions of interconnected documents that are stored on websites around the world. When a person looks for something online, it requires the search engines to scour…